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Company Wellness Events

~ Want to achieve inner peace & serenity and reduce stress & anxiety? ~

~ Need to improve your ability to focus and your productivity at work? ~

~ Tired of all the clutter in your life that’s getting in your way? ~

It's so important to look after the well-being of your employees. Studies have shown that companies that offer regular wellness events, have happier and more productive employees. Stress and anxiety levels are lowered, people tend to use less of their sick days, and company insurance costs have been known to be reduced as a result!


Check out some of these company wellness workshop & demo offerings: 

(also available for private workshops - contact me for details)

Mind & Spirit


  • “Meditation & Mindfulness with Breath Work”



  • Quiet the mind and learn to be in the present moment


  • Relieve stress and anxiety

Body & Emotional Well-Being


  • “Learning about Essential Oils and the Health & Therapeutic Benefits of Aromatherapy" workshop 

(additional workshops on specialized topics are available as well)​

  • “Office Yoga to Relieve Stress & Tension”​​


  • Learn healthy alternatives to take care of and nourish the body


  • Enhances the well-being of personnel, reduces stress & anxiety, increases productivity


  • Smoothie demo           

    • (using personal recipes made with whole foods & essential oils)

  • Salad-in-a-jar demo     

    • (using personal salad dressing recipes made with essential oils)

Physical Space & Organization


  • “Living an Organized Life to Promote Better Health & Wellness”​ workshop

(customized workshops can include topics such as time & calendar organization, etc.)


  • Increase your team’s productivity and efficiency


  • Reduce stress & anxiety plus feelings of overwhelm 

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