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Declutter Workshop Series
(for your Personal Life)

Along my journey, I discovered the importance of "whole person" wellness, and I wanted people to understand the direct correlation between getting rid of their physical and digital clutter, and clearing their lives of the mental and emotional clutter along with it.

Whether you need to release your mental and emotional clutter, get rid of physical clutter, or remove the unnecessary things you're doing in your business that are getting in the way of your productivity and finding true fulfillment, there's a workshop for you. 

Are you READY to begin decluttering what's holding you back?


to discuss customized personal series!

Personal Declutter Workshops Menu

(each up to 90 minutes)

($97 each or $897 for any 10 in the series of 18)




Declutter Your Life

& Gain Time Freedom to Do More of What Brings You Joy



Declutter Your Mind

& Gain Clarity to Be More Focused



Declutter Your TO-DO List

& Get Things Done Without Feeling Overwhelmed



Declutter Your Relationships

& Live Life on Your Own Terms



Declutter Your Dating Profile

& Get Your Dream Date to Swipe Right!



Declutter Your Activities

& Learn You Don’t Have to Say “YES” to everything





Declutter Your Living Space

& Create a Peaceful Sanctuary


Declutter Your Closet

& Restyle With a Sexy New Wardrobe

(Yes, This Includes Men!)


Declutter Your Pantry

& Make Healthier Choices, Feel More Vibrant and Energetic



Declutter Your Bathroom

& Create Your Own Holistic Home Spa


Declutter Your Skincare Products

& Simplify Your Beauty Routine


Declutter Your Medicine Cabinet

& Introduce Plant-Based Natural Remedies



Declutter Your Home

& Turn Your Clutter into Cash

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