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Digital Entrepreneur
Pre-Launch Kit
The next group program starts April 17, 2024
Led by Michelle Mirpour, Clutter to Calm Specialist

Do you feel like you're stuck in a corporate hamster wheel with the same routine, day in and day out, that doesn't bring you fulfillment anymore?

Ever dreamed of escaping that world and becoming an entrepreneur?


Wouldn't it be amazing to create your own lifestyle filled with what fulfills you and brings you joy?

If the answer is "YES", but you have no idea what your next step would be... then this is the start to your launchpad.

Welcome to the Digital Entrepreneur Pre-Launch Kit, a 4-week course where I help you get clarity on your passion business idea and how you're going to launch it into the world.

Here's what we'll cover in 4-weeks:

Week 1 - Release Limiting Beliefs & Develop Entrepreneur Mindset

Week 2 - Brainstorm Your Business Ideas & Select One Idea

Week 3 - Identify Elements Needed to Launch Your Business

Week 4 - Create Launch Strategy So You Can Go to Market

Let's embark on this journey together so I can help you take that first step in creating something amazing out of a desire and passion within you.

Learn how to launch your gifts into the world and reward yourself by creating a lifestyle of true freedom.


I did it and so can you!

Are you READY to create a lifestyle that you never need a vacation from?

Click below to get started!

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“A clutter-free space leads to a clutter-free mind.”

“Live the life you’re meant to live.”

- Michelle Mirpour -

  • Pre-Launch Kit

    Digital Entrepreneur Pre-Launch Kit (4-Week Course)
    • 4-Week Group Mentorship Program
    • Weekly Group Sessions (60 minutes each on Zoom)
    • Group Homework
    • Week 1-Release Limiting Beliefs/Develop Entrepreneur Mindset
    • Week 2-Brainstorm Your Business Ideas & Select One Idea
    • Week 3-Identify Elements Needed to Launch Your Business
    • Week 4-Create Launch Strategy So You Can Go to Market
    • Private FB Group Community
    • Support & Accountability
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