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My Story

Hi!  I’m Michelle and I'm a Clutter to Calm Specialist

You’re probably asking, what is that exactly? Well, this is the way I best describe what I do. I’ve discovered many things that tend to get in our way. These are the things that hold us back. Our issues run deep. Especially when we are trying to live our best lives. Useless things and thoughts do not serve our mind, spirit, body and physical space. My journey has been one of self-discovery and personal growth.


Here’s what I learned. I want to make a big impact in people’s lives. How? Through the ©Organized Life By Michelle Method which uses a holistic approach to treat the whole person. 


Holistic + whole person = wholistic.


Over the last 15 years, my method has helped 1000’s of people by helping them remove obstacles that held them back. Allowing them to recognize their best self. My process illuminates your path to true fulfillment and purpose. Once we implement the ©Organized Life By Michelle Method, the sky’s the limit. 


Someone once told me that whatever I have, I need to bottle it up and share it with the world. It wasn’t until years later when I took that statement to heart and started my mission to give people a little taste of what I had. This is how my journey began.

Once upon a time, before I began living my own best life and helping others do the same, I was a computer programmer. Imagine that! After toiling for a few years in my corporate career in information technology, I realized it wasn’t my true calling in life. A huge transition in my life 18 years ago forced me to drastically downsize and re-assess my priorities in life. I had to change my lifestyle in a big way to start from a clean slate. I felt defeated at times while seeking the light at the end of the tunnel. Once I had emerged from the darkness, I decided to help those who were going through similar transitions. So I started my business as a professional organizer and lifestyle coach to help others along their journeys as well. This happened little by little alongside my IT career. I was still heavily dependent on my stable corporate paycheck even though I had realized I needed to move on from that world.

A few years later, I attended a motivational seminar and was filled with inspiration. So much so, that I did something I never dreamed of in a million years. I stood up and shared with the group how I felt about my dead-end job. Trouble is, I didn’t know where to go from there. I was ready to quit my job with no assurance that my business would even take off or be sustainable. Then something amazing happened. I was laid off just 2 days later! It was as if the universe had heard me and simply handed me my one-way ticket, on a platter, to a better life. I was now free to design my best life that I wanted on MY terms.


First order of business… travel the world! I now had the freedom to do whatever I wanted, and everything I had always intended to do, but had never made a priority in my life. With this inspiration, I was able to leave the corporate world, travel the world for 8 months, and then come back with a fresh perspective and focus full-time on building my business organically.  

Me in front of the Taj Mahal-June 2012.j

All of these various experiences, which I'll share with you on my other pages, throughout my life have been leading up to this exact moment in time.


I have made it not only my mission and core purpose, but also my moral obligation, to share my knowledge and overall "wholistic" practices with those looking to transform their lives.


I am here to help you when you’re ready, but ONLY when you're ready, 

because I'll take you on the best ride of your life and you won't want to get off !!

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