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DE-CLUTTER & ORGANIZE any area of your life NOW 
so you can have the clarity to finally take action in your life.
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Stuck ?

Distracted ?

Overwhelmed ?

Procrastinating ?


Ever found yourself saying...
"I'm DONE!"
"Enough is Enough!"
"Something needs to change!"
"I'm not living up to my full potential!"

Do you want to keep making excuses or
are you READY to do something about it?

Imagine how amazing it would be if you had the support and accountability
to release everything that is no longer serving you...
to release everything getting in your way...
so you can experience what is waiting for you on the other side of clutter!

I'm Michelle Mirpour, Clutter to Calm Specialist
We can embark on this decluttering journey together, so you don't have to go through it alone...

YES, you can go from Clutter & Chaos to Clarity & Calm...
I did it, and so can you!

Where will YOU be a year from now if you do nothing different?
YOU have a CHOICE...

Are you READY for a change NOW?


to discuss your clutter challenges!


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Declutter Your Life

from the Inside Out

Overwhelmed and oversubscribed in life? Ready to declutter everything no longer serving you or bringing you joy, but not sure where to start and how to let it all go?

Look no further...

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The Digital Entrepreneur's LaunchPad

Tired of the routine of the corporate 9-5 world? Ready to let it go and venture into the digital entrepreneurial world and experience true time freedom, but not sure where to start?

Look no further...

Michelle Mirpour
My Story

I walked away from a toxic marriage, an unfulfilling corporate career, the huge house, the fancy car and all the things that weren't making me happy. This huge transition in my life many years ago forced me to drastically downsize, and simplify my ENTIRE LIFE to start from a clean slate. Once I got back on my feet and was living my life on my own terms, I felt free and empowered.  That's when I realized my purpose was to support and empower others who also feel stuck and overwhelmed, so they too can experience this same freedom. 

Let's Work Together!

Does any of this resonate with you so far?

Are you intrigued and want to know more?

Let's get on a free 20-minute

Declutter & Clarity consultation

to discuss your clutter challenges...

Life is too short, so make your move NOW!

Michelle-couch shot.jpg

“A clutter-free space leads to a clutter-free mind.”

“Live the life you’re meant to live.”

- Michelle Mirpour -


Michelle has made tough decisions in her life - as we all have. But she uses those experiences to transform the lives of her clients and inspire them to design a new future. I attended one of Michelle's sessions and ended up making pages of notes on how to change - strategically, mentally, and physically - starting with the physical clutter from the past which had plagued my thoughts every day when I woke up. Michelle can show you personally and confidentially how to rid yourself of all the clutter - physical and mental - from your life - and move on to the new future. Is there any other choice?

Mark McDonald, Media & Communications Consultant and former BBC Correspondent

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