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Phase 1:
Discover Your Passion & Purpose
Phase 1-Anchor 1

Module 1

Identify Your Passion or Niche

  • what is your genius zone

  • what does the world need

  • what can make you money

  • what lights you up

Module 2

Define Core Values

  • what things are important to you

  • narrow down to top 3 core values

Module 3

Who's Your Ideal Client?

  • who can you impact

  • who needs you

  • who is ready for you

  • who do you want to work with

Module 4

Branding & Messaging

  • what do you want to be known for

  • what is your message

  • what outcome or results do you want to bring people

  • select image, colors and fonts in line with your brand

Module 5

Elevator Pitch

  • learn how to articulate what you do in 30 seconds or less

Module 6

Video Presence

  • learn how to show up on video with confidence

  • create videos that catch people's attention and relay your powerful message efficiently

Phase 2:
Toolkit & Automation
Phase 2-Anchor 2

Module 1


  • create outline of 3-5 areas for your site

  • what is your personal story

  • what do you offer

  • testimonials / videos

  • how can people reach you

Module 2

Calendar Booking System

  • create schedule

  • create booking types & events

  • create intro questions for invitees

Module 3

Social Media Community

  • what kind of community do you want to create

  • what will you offer

  • select group name based on your offering

  • banner photo

  • group description

  • group rules

  • membership questions

  • post engaging content

Module 4

Market Research & Organic Marketing 

  • surveys/polls

  • lead generation

  • lead tracking (Group Leads)

Module 5

Mailing List

  • do you have an existing email list

    • if yes, then import into MailChimp

    • if not, then let's create one

Module 6

Landing Page

  • what is your free offering

  • create a funnel by building your landing page

Module 7

Payment Processing

  • Square

  • PayPal

  • VenMo

Module 8


  • design FB banner photos

  • design FB posts

  • design logo

Module 9


  • learn the basics to create a simple presentation for your class, workshop or webinar

  • role-playing support to help you practice your presentation (offered for the Diamond VIP "Done-For-You" clients)

Module 10

Documents & Forms

  • create contracts/agreements

  • design assessment forms/surveys/questionnaires

  • document collaboration

  • create invoices

(Everything in the Toolkit will be built for you if you choose the Diamond VIP "Done-For-You" package)

Phase 3:
Launch & Strategy
Phase 3-Anchor 3

(If you choose the Diamond VIP "Done-For-You" package,
you can select one of these Launch Strategies and it will be created for your launch)

Module 1


  • create masterclass/webinar outline

  • design landing page

  • post on social media

  • drive organic traffic to your masterclass/webinar

  • create content

  • create an offer to present


Module 2

Run a Challenge

  • create challenge outline

  • design landing page

  • post on social media & drive organic traffic to your challenge

  • send daily emails to your mailing list

  • create daily content

  • design your challenge agenda

  • design contest with prizes

  • create an offer to present

  • select case studies / testimonials to feature

  • LAUNCH organize live content in FB group

Module 3

Group Program

  • create group program outline

  • design landing page

  • post on social media

  • send emails to your mailing list


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