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Holistic Healing

Tired of taking medication that just knocks you off your game?  Have you been curious about plant-based medicine but don't know where to start?

Has your medicine cabinet turned into a mini drugstore?  Do you think it's time to toss all that out, but don't know what to replace it with?

Do you feel like the toxins in your life (cleaning solutions, detergents, skin care products, etc.) are just overwhelming and you're ready for natural solutions instead? 

Sound familiar?

During my transformation journey, I was inspired to continue my quest for wholeness, and found the powerful benefits of aromatherapy and plant-based holistic healing. Since then, I have been intrigued by the amazing healing qualities of these plants, and began studying and training in the field of aromatherapy to learn their therapeutic health benefits. 


In fact, I’ve always been interested in mindfulness around what we put in and on our bodies. Part of my “wholistic" approach is working with these plant-based medicines to help people heal the physical, mental, and emotional challenges that they might be faced with.


Finally, I empower people to handle these challenges themselves using natural plant-based remedies. Together, we create a self-care and wellness plan to meet your needs. This starts with a plant-based detox regimen. I help you do a whole medicine cabinet makeover, and teach you how to make your own natural remedies right at home!

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