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Professional Organizing

Do you want to downsize and clear out the clutter that's overwhelming you?


Are you always misplacing things and can't find them when you need them?

Do you wish you had a system so everything could stay organized?


Sound familiar?

Large couple's closet makeover.png
Garage wall system.png

We've all been there. We can't find the car keys. We bought one too many spice jars of the same spice, because we couldn't find the first jar. We had to throw away everything that was shoved into the back of the pantry, because they're now expired. We own two of the exact same pair of jeans because we thought we lost or gave away the first pair. Our desk looks like our filing cabinet was emptied onto it. We can't focus or finish a task because even our brain and our thoughts are cluttered.

It can be frustrating. Even the most successful professional can be disorganized at times. That doesn't mean they don't know any better. That just means they're too busy to deal with it. 

I can organize your space so you don't have to. Focus on what you do best. Let me do the organizing while you do YOU.

I take you through the entire process of organization:

  • De-cluttering = getting rid of all the extra stuff

  • Downsizing = figuring out what to donate, recycle, sell, or toss!

  • Organizing = finding a home for everything you decide to keep

  • Setting up systems = this can be anything from setting up your home office to designing and installing a customized dream closet or garage wall organization system

  • Maintaining = scheduling routine maintenance visits to make sure your system is still working for you to meet your needs, otherwise we'll tweak it!

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