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Yoga & Reiki
Energy Healing

Have you always wanted to try yoga but were afraid to start?  Or perhaps too self-conscious to do yoga in a studio class in front of others?

Are you sitting behind the desk for too long and experiencing all kinds of pain, with no relief in sight?

Do you ever feel agitatedtired, and confused with no explanation?  Do little things sap your energy and throw you off balance, and you don't know what to do about it?


Sound familiar?

I discovered yoga as a way to alleviate my chronic lower back pain from sitting behind a computer for all those years during my technology career. After practicing it for a while for my own personal benefit, I decided to become a yoga teacher and share the benefits with those dealing with similar and disparate pain. Yoga is not just amazing for the body, but it's nourishment for the soul too!

My mission is to make yoga accessible to everyone. I can work with any beginner to introduce the practice of yoga into your life. I even offer office yoga where I come to your office, and teach everyone how to practice simple yet very effective poses right from their desks!

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While going through my intensive yoga teacher training in Mexico, I realized that one of my teachers was also a Reiki Master. I saw this as a sign, because I had always been told throughout my life that I had a special energy and aura about me. So I seized upon the opportunity to learn about energy healing while in Mexico. I decided to stay in beautiful Baja, and became a certified Reiki practitioner as well, and found energy healing to be extremely beneficial to the people I treated. The first time I performed a Reiki session on someone, she said she levitated off the floor... powerful stuff!

We work on your chakras to clear energy blockages so that positive energy can begin to flow throughout your body!

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